Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tales of a pregnant woman

I'm sitting here 34 weeks pregnant and a hormonal mess. These past couple of days have just taken a toll on me. Yes, I am to blame for some of it but the rest I will blame on just being plain pregnant! I haven't really felt pregnant until oh about 28 weeks. That is when I started to notice a more noticeable bump and it was getting harder for me to just walk normally. Then I got to 30 weeks and I started having the lovely Braxton Hicks contractions...OK no worries I just learned how to adjust to them when they came. Everyone asked me how I was doing and my answer was always "great"! Then all of a sudden this Monday it hit me like a ton of breathing was getting a bit harder to control, my groin felt like it got punched a bazillion times, my lower back is killing me and Harper is kicking me in my upper chest/ribs.

Maybe today at work was just not my special day and maybe the gal at the cafeteria didn't make it any better when she said I had the "waddle". I don't even notice that I waddle! She then went into a whole discussion about how I looked like a penguin with my lovely "waddle walk". That just ticked me off. So what if I waddle! I prefer to call it my strut!

Yes! This picture is how I felt when she was pointing out my walk. After that I proceeded to drop my water bottle on the floor and I'm guessing I was just too hormonal that I bent down way to up and felt 90 years old. Wow! I had to have pulled a muscle. I then proceeded out of the cafeteria waddle and all LOL! The entire day at work I was miserable. I tried to find any bottle I could roll on my back. I rushed home and took a 1 hour bath. Wow, I must say that one hour bath made me feel like I had my body back for a split second.

My lovely wife then started talking about getting my body back after Harper is born. I continued to dream...she asked if I was excited. I never really thought about it as being excited because this is something we had longed for but a sense of me thought of all the things I will be able to do once baby girl is here. I enjoy being pregnant I really do and this is not me being selfish. It will be nice to be able to sleep on my back and stomach again, only pee once before bed, getting out of breath for every little activity and most of all being able to lift things without me always having to ask Sarah for help because its too heavy. So am I ready for my body back!? Yes and no. I want baby girl to cook until 40 weeks ideally. I mean that's in a perfect world. I hope this post does not offend anyone. I mean haven't we all complained about something while being pregnant? 

So as I sit here with my feet up on the couch and our doggy at my toes I feel great. My back is not hurting anymore and why, yes I do have to go pee again. Thanks for asking :)


Mina said...

Wow, 34 weeks already!! Time is flying!

I totally get how you feel, I was there too at that point. But will meet your little one soon enough and all of this will be a bittersweet memory!

katy said...

Don't feel sorry for a min. about complaining about anything! I hate how going through the IVF/infertility struggle makes you feel like you can't complain about a hang nail if you have one! I've been struck with killer back pain too, sadly the tub doesn't help much.
I've had the waddle for a while too...sorry to say its only going to get worse! But now I'm to the point where I could care less...I feel so much better when I just let the waddle rule how I walk.

JustMe said...

It's funny, I'm at 26 weeks and I don't feel like I've been hit by a ton of bricks, but I feel like I'm in the crosshairs. I have moments. Moments of nausea, moments of shooting back in my lower back, and moments late and night when I can feel the "waddle" coming.

Glad that you're taking care of yourself (keep taking baths!) and you should look for every opportunity to get some rest that is possible.

Our Journey said...

Awe poor girl, you have every right to complain. It's not easy to make a baby! And... OMG 34 weeks! You're so close. Hang in there girl, soon enough your baby girl will be in your arms!

Bloggity Bloo said...

I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! I love your blog and I know others will too! -Sarah

Lexi + Sarah said...

Not sure why my commenting replies are not working! Anyways thank you all for the wonderful words and support. I don't feel bad complaining! I love being pregnant and there are days a little harder than others but that's life! Thank you all! You all make my day brighter!!

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