Monday, September 9, 2013

NST & AFI Check

Today was an interesting day...I had the worst sleep ever. I know I need to get used to very little sleep and trust me I wouldn't mind little sleep but this sleep came with pain. Both my hips were killing me to the point I couldn't lay on any side. I had to sit sleeping so if you can imagine I woke up with my neck killing me. To say the least I only had three hours of sleep. I had to leave to go on the recliner so I could actually sleep!

I woke up around 5 AM and just stayed up until my doctor appointment at 7:30. It was sad because Sarah couldn't join me but it was fun because it just reminded me that soon we will be on the Labor and Delivery floor getting ready for our baby girl!

I checked in for my first ever NST and they had me do a pee test which I passed with flying colors. I was pretty nervous because baby girl is really active in the afternoon/evening but she must have known the spot light was on her because she was a moving machine! They ended up letting me go early because they got just the right amount of stats they needed. Oh, and only one teeny tiny contraction. After my NST I had my AFI ultrasound to check the fluids around baby. That too was excellent!

So all in all baby girl (aka Nemo) is comfy in her home :)

She will come when she is ready to come! In the mean time I enjoying all this time before baby arrives!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

40 weeks!

Today is our official due date day!! YAY!! We officially made it to 40 weeks! Such a bittersweet moment. I remember when we first got pregnant I was deathly scared something would happen along the way of our pregnancy after all if seemed like all the stories we heard were sad. I remember holding my breath every time we had an ultrasound. It was one step closer to meeting our baby girl. After we hit the first trimester we both finally were able to breathe a sense of relief that everything was going well. For me I think around 24 weeks I finally felt comfortable that everything was going great and this pregnancy was rockin! 

As I sit here 40 weeks pregnant now we want this baby to come out!! This past week we have tried what seems to be everything under the sun to pop this baby out....outcome....nothing! It was a bunch of fun though!

So what did we try?!
  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Lavender oil bath with fresh lavender (Only thing that came out of this was I smelled like a lavender bush, LOL!)
  • Pineapple (boy, did the acid in all that pineapple make my tongue raw!)
  • bouncing on the exercise ball
  • dancing like a crazy fool to Michael Jackson!
  • Walking
  • Jumping up and down
  • Pedicure 
So, while it was fun to try out all of these ways on trying to induce labor naturally, we have come to the conclusion that baby girl has her own agenda!

All I know is we are waiting her anxiously! Especially her mommies! Even our dog Jake wants to know her arrival is!

Other than waiting I have been dealing with some constant hip pain. So bad I can't seem to sleep or get comfortable at all doing anything. I have tried heating pads, stretching and propping my hip with a pillow. I am so desperate that I am going today to get an adjustment/hip massage in hopes of alleviating this pain! Any recommendations from anyone?! I am desperate!

Till next time!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Still cooking away!

You read right, baby girl is still cooking away! She wants to make sure she comes out just right! No sign of her coming either. My Braxton Hicks continue and are becoming stronger, I have been having major leg and hip pain, but that is about it. We want her to come out when she comes out but at the same time I would really LOVE to not be induced. Now, that is a whole other story. We finished our birth plan. Many told us to not have one because it gets thrown out the door as soon as you enter the hospital but we have decided that we would like a birth plan to go over what "we" want. After all this is our baby. I would post our plan on here but we have decided to wait until after she is born for certain reasons as many would not understand our "thinking".

We are starting to try at home remedies to see if by chance baby girl will make an early appearance and we even tried acupuncture last week! I know it can be a bunch of just gibberish but its worth a try! Tonight we will be trying a lavender oil bath with some pineapple as a snack! Its funny to think for so long you want to make sure the baby does not come out and you do everything in your power to keep them safe and warm and then BAM one day you want them out and you do everything in your power to get them out, LOL! Yes, we do know that she will come when she wants to come after all this is her agenda! We are just so excited and anxious to see her beautiful face and we can't wait to meet the love of our life!

So besides that for the next two days since Sarah is off for Labor Day we have decided to lock ourselves in our house and not leave once. We plan on just relaxing and resting. We sure can use all the R&R before baby girl arrives! It has been filled with some nice bonding and straight out being a couch potatoes. I also did some baking because lets be serious...that wont happen for a very long time once she is here because I know we will be very two exhausted mommies, but worth every second!

This past week I also attended my first Le Leche League meeting and I had my first private consult with a lactation consultant. I have been doing my reading on breast feeding and have joined many groups on Facebook to try and become as prepared as possible although I know nothing can ever prepare you for things such as labor and BF but all you can do is try! The consult was amazing and was the best three hours I have ever learned anything. This past weekend I set up "snack" baskets in the three places I plan to breastfeed the most within our house. It is filled with drinks and snacks because just as I am nourishing our baby I need to make sure I nourish myself and you never know when you may need a sip of water and you can't get up because you don't want to move, LOL!

Oh and how could I forget this past week we got baby girl her first Spanish book! I can't wait to show her Spanish. It was my second language when I was four and I can fluently speak, read and write. I hope to pass this down to her and the best thing is for a while I have been talking to Sarah more and more in Spanish and she is understanding more and more! Makes me SO happy and lights my heart up!

Hopefully, the next post will be a birth story?!

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