Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Monday

I have come to the conclusion I suck at updating this dang blog. I love writing, not just for all my viewers, and fellow bloggers, but for me. Blogging allows me to write my feelings, thoughts, and I love looking back at how much we have grown as a family. A lot has happened to our little family of three. So much that it would take lots of time to get into. So to spare you the details and the boring blog posts...LOL, I will just give you bullet points of our little family updates. Seems easier for this lacking blogger. <-------

Since the last time I blogged....

  • I became a stay at home mom (SAHM). Long story, but I couldn't imagine anything different. Things happen for a reason, and I'm learning this over and over.
  • Harper started cutting her first tooth at 5 months! 
  • I have learned that life is about living at the moment
  • We enrolled Harper in swim classes that start when she is 6 months
  • Breastfeeding continues!! We have made it 5 months! This is a huge milestone for us, considering the very, very, rough start we got in the beginning
  • Harper has grown so much in the past couple weeks....It is so bittersweet
These are just some of the snippets of what has changed since the last blog post. 

On to other things.....our family is having a makeover of our lifestyle. After having Harper eating right and consistently was not on our list as a top priority. We did our best but I knew it wasn't 110% I know us so well for. So after some stubborn baby pounds I want to shed I want to get healthy. I don't want to be a certain number on a scale. I want to be healthy! I want to be able live a long life. So, today starts out new journey to be healthy. Not skinny, not a number on a scale but healthy!

Love to all!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Little Girl

Harper is the biggest blessing! In all honesty there are no words in this world that could describe to you the love we have for her. She is our miracle baby and is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We are beyond blessed.

With that said I can't believe she is 4.5 months! Where does time go?! Sitting back writing this post as she sleeps makes me want to snuggle her forever. I remember someone telling me to cherish the time with them because they grow so fast. She kept saying they grow as fast as weeds do. I chuckled and never in a million years did I think what she told me a month before we delivered was in fact true. Time does go so fast. She is growing right past our eyes. Shes so beautiful and her personality is everything we could of asked for.

She is hitting milestone after milestone and frankly we as parents are hitting our own milestones as well. After having her I have learned there is no manual or book that could prepare you for the journey of raising a child. Its pretty much a touch and go feeling. Something I wouldn't trade for the world. In fact many of our discussions at the dinner table (if we get to sit down at the table...LOL) are about how our lives were before Harper. To this day I wonder how we even existed. Now don't get me wrong and go on judging....both Sarah and I have an amazing marriage and I consider us rock solid. We love each other to no end. We had a great time before Harper and I cherish those memories but now we feel complete as our little family of three. :)

So here is a little picture post of how we have spent the past 4.5 months of her life! I promise to go more into detail about us, motherhood, breastfeeding and all the wonderful stuff that happens after having a baby!

 Newborn Picture

4 days old sleeping in her favorite swing!
 Loves to make silly faces at her mommies!
 Silly face!
 First smile :)
 Sleeping princess
 Loves to laugh
 Sleeping on Momma
 We love to read nightly 
 Halloween 2013-Snow White Theme! (Baby was Snow White, Momma was the bad witch and Mommy was the mirror on the wall)
 Snow White
 Thanksgiving 2013
 Talking to Momma
 Christmas Pictures
 Kisses to Momma

Birthday party fun!
I love my Mommy!!
 Our first Christmas family pic
 Putting ornaments on the tree
 Her best bud Jake
 Christmas 2013

4 months!

So there you have it! She has changed so much not just in features but in her personality. We love waking up to her each and every morning ready for some more!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Finally.....I feel like I have some time to just catch everyone on our lives. It has been quite the ride of our lives! So I plan on writing a blog post a day to catch up everyone on how it has been. Stay tuned!

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