Friday, June 14, 2013

Sarah feeling her kick

Can you believe I'm actually updating more than once in a week! I can't either. I really want to update more, I just get tied up with a million other things or I get tired. BLAH!

On June 12th around 10 PM we were laying in bed like we do every night watching TV and I was doing my normal news watching when Harper started kicking. She is a funny little girl. She has her "kicking" fests which occur during the morning and late, late evening. If this is anything like she will be outside the womb then we are in big trouble at night time LOL! Anyways, I told Sarah that she was kicking and kicking hard nonetheless. So like we have done many other nights Sarah put her hand on my bare belly in hopes that she would feel her kick. Keep in mind im 28 weeks weeks and we were starting to get sad that she could still not feel her kick. I laid there with my belly ready and she kicked and kicked some more and finally that moment when Sarah felt her kick brough tears to both of our eyes. It was the most amazing feeling for both of us. We could now know what it felt like for the two of us to feel her kick. Something so little that just flooded our hearts with joy. So since then every time she kick Sarah runs to my belly and tries and feel her and without a doubt she is finally getting used to us and our hands around her. This was one of those moments where you stop and look around you and know that EVERY struggle you went through to get to that point was so worth it. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

28 Weeks

I honestly don't know where time has gone. Everyone keeps telling me is slows down and then it feels like it takes forever for the baby to come but to the two of us we feel like time is flying right past us and finding time to breathe is becoming a challenge. Tomorrow we are 28 weeks! Which means we have less than 12 weeks or 85 days to go. However you look at it its going by super fast. I never thought in a million years we would be sitting here getting ready to meet our miracle our little baby girl. I can't wait for the day for her eyes to meet both of our eyes and tears to run down my eyes. Tears of joy. Tears of long awaited love. 

Pregnancy has been going great. Nothing to much to complain or mope about. If every pregnancy was like this then I would be pregnant all the time! It's been such a walk in the park *knock on wood*. I better be careful with my choice of words because maybe next post I will be posting about how miserable I am, LOL! I haven't weighed myself in two weeks. I know for sure I have gained something because baby is growing and so is my belly. It's like overnight my belly just appeared. For a while I didn't feel "pregnant" and now I'm fitting more and more into maternity clothes and I can see my belly pop out! The most awesome thing to see on a daily basis. Before I used to hate looking in the mirror now I love it and just stare at my ever growing belly. Makes me smile. 

So what would a girl with an easy pregnancy have to complain about? Really, nothing. The only thing I am finding more difficult is keeping my bladder normal. I have to pee all the dang time other than that and mild pressure on my lower belly everything is peachy. Thankfully there has been zero swelling with my feet or ankles. For sure I thought the other day when our temperature hit 105 I would be seeing my feet swell and thankfully nothing. Phew!

So what has happened in the past couple of weeks?! Well, we celebrated 9 years of being together and being in love. I still can't believe I have been in love with my other half for nine years. She is my better half and I truly understand what people mean when they say you couldn't live without them. I could never live without her. She completes me. Her daily smile and laugh still tickle me, and it will never, ever get old.

I also celebrated my birthday. Years before if you asked me how I felt about getting older I would have been sad and terrified and this year I was just happy. Age is just a number. Before, in the previous years I was scared because it seemed as thought birthdays reminded me that we were one more year without being pregnant and our chances of fertility had lowered. This year we celebrated the fact that I was given another year to live and celebrate life. 

In upcoming news our baby shower is next Saturday. Can't wait! Everything is just getting real!

Oh and how could I forget....tomorrow I have my dang gestational diabetes test. Now this is not my first time. My doctor had me have one at 16 weeks and I passed no problem....this time I am a tad scared I won't pass it. I have just been to good of friends with sweets. I hope and pray all goes well. I just want our baby girl to be okay. We also have a doctor appointment! Can't wait to see how all is going.

Well I leave you with pictures of the last two weeks!

My birthday celebration!

 27 weeks, 4 days bump!
 27 weeks, 4 days bump! Out shopping!
Bows made for Harper from a friend
 More bows 
 Baby shower gifts are starting to arrive for Harper!
How far along? 28 weeks
How big is baby? Cauliflower
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure, LOL! I will find out tomorrow!
Maternity Clothes: Maternity shirts/maternity pants
Have you started to show yet? Yes! Finally!!
Sleep: Better
Best moment this week: Feeling Harper kick more and more. Her kicks are getting stronger!!
Miss Anything? Hot dogs
Movement: Movement each and every day!
Food Cravings: Sweets
Anything make you queasy or sick? Not right now
Gender prediction: We already know its a GIRL!
Symptoms: Short fused 
Major purchases this week? baby shower items
Looking forward to: Seeing her on 4D soon!

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