Thursday, November 29, 2012

Call me cranky pants!

Today has been a crazy day! I couldn't sleep all night long...not sure if it was due to my four nap the day before or the fact that I was worrying about my period starting again.

Woke up countless times to pee and to my eyes nothing, nada! Come on, aunt flow, just come! Ok so after a morning of being cranky I went to the bathroom and to my surprise I found I had started!!!! I literally went back to my office grabbed a handy, dandy tampon and literally jumped for joy to the bathroom. Yes, I was so happy to be carrying a tampon!

Immediately called my clinic and my nurse was happy to hear I had started and re-read my medication instructions.

So Saturday is the BIG stimulation injection day! So excited to get going. This only means our retrieval is looming.

Please pray and send your good vibes towards us. Thank you for a the support!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baseline Appointment

Today was my baseline ultrasound. Was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing. When he performed my ultrasound he said everything looks like its supposed to look and when he counted how many resting follicles we had I about had a heart attack.....

her counted 20 on one side and 15 on the other.....yikes! The goal this time is to not stim me so fast like last time which caused a lot of immature eggs. So we start injections on Saturday! Was supposed to be Friday but was bumped due to scheduling.

In the mean time I am waiting for my bleed to start! Come on bleed!! Help me cheer on my little ovaries to shed their lining!!

Short post I know...not feeling to bloggy today. LOL

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I am thankful

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite all time holidays. It brings family together, creates new memories and shows all the love between us all. This morning we went to pick up my mom and her fiance at the airport and quickly made it back home and started the cooking feast. My mom had decided before they came that they would be cooking the dinner. She didn't want me to stress or worry about cooking all day long and it was nice for once to not be running around like a crazy chicken worrying about this and that. I even took a nap and rested!

Sitting at the table as everyone ate their yummy food I started thinking about what I am thankful for.....

I am thankful for....
~the life that God has given me and blessed me with
~that I have good health and health insurance
~a house with walls and a roof over my head
~reliable cars that run and work everyday
~the ability to see, smell and watch the beautiful things this world has to offer
~the ability to afford living in California
~a wonderful job that I love
~friends that I can lean on
~family that will always have your back
~being able to take a hand at fertility treatments
~I have overcome my fear of self injections
~the three most awesome pets ever
~blog friends
~the ability to love
~being married to the love of my life, my best friend Sarah

and today besides all that I am even more thankful that today is my last day of birth control pills!!! 

So flippin happy and relieved that this is the last pill, and hopefully the last birth control pill I will have to take for a long, long time!!

I am super excited for our IVF to start now. This just means that right around the corner is our base line ultrasound and the start of STIMS this upcoming week!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Filled with lots of love and laughter!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

Monday, November 19, 2012

You know you are doing TTC when......

Someone asks you what day it is and you respond with Cycle day 19!! This happened to me today at my acupuncture appointment. The receptionist was asking her co-worker what the day was so she could write out my receipt and smart one over here just answered what cycle day I was instead of the actual day. Wow! Talk about the meds talking......I do have to blame it on something, right?!

So these past couple of days have been filled with shots and more shots. Lupron is going just fine no side effects whatsoever and the birth control pills are finally just getting along with my body thank goodness.

The best news I have to report is that I finally, finally got the courage to do my own injection!!!!! YES YOU READ RIGHT, I DID MY OWN INJECTION!!! Not just once but twice! Psh I SO have this in the palm of my hands. I am so not afraid of you tiny needle!

In other news Thanksgiving is almost here, sad that the holiday just zip by us at the snap of a finger. We have family coming so it will be super busy and this whole IVF will not even be on my mind.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

I leave you with a proud pic of me holding my injection ready to go!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anyone home?

Yikes, I really need to be better about writing in this blog! I guess you can say things have been busy or I have just been lazy, either way this whole IVF thing is moving rather quickly.

Let me recap what has been going on.....

Well on Tuesday I got a call from our clinic and my nurse wanted to sit down and chat with me about my calendar! I got so flippin excited that I ran into my office and shut the door slammed and listened to her. Within ten minutes I could finally get a grip on the next four weeks and boy was I happy to finally have the blue prints we have waited for!

So here is the the "estimated schedule"

  • Continue on Birth Control pills until Thanksgiving day (What a great day to end these horrible pills by celebrating with a nice feast....LOL)
  • On Friday, November 16th I start Lupron injections both morning and evening
  • On Wednesday, November 28th I have my baseline ultrasound to go over stimulation medication, etc.
  • Friday, November 30th the big day----->Start of stimulation medications! 
  • Week of December 3rd (Monitoring appointments)
  • Friday, December 7th (Start antibiotics)
  • Week of December 10th (estimated retrieval/transfer) Yikes!
Like I said, all this is happening so quickly and the best part of it all is Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have family coming in and joining us so our minds will be free from all the "IVF" stuff. Its honestly been great not thinking about it all.

Tonight started I started my acupuncture appointments. I transferred to a new place, still trying to feel the vibe from it all. They come highly recommended. I will be having weekly treatments then move to twice a week once we get into stims. 

A BIG plus that we found out is that our insurance covered Lupron. I know, I know its just Lupron but I would way rather pay 10.00 than the 200.00 they quoted!

We are all set with our meds and ready to get this going! I leave you with a picture of my meds....some of them, LOL!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some major R&R and IVF updates!

I am finally getting some time to just sit down with my laptop, warm fuzzy socks, and write in our blog. Time just seems to fly by! Where do I even start? LOL

IVF update:
On Wednesday afternoon I decided to call my IVF clinic and schedule my saline sonogram. I know they were going to call me and schedule it but next week is extremely busy with work and fundraisers I just couldn't chance not being able to make my appt. They called me back that afternoon and told me to come in on Thursday afternoon. We both were able to make the appointment and when we arrived I got that same nervous feeling I got the my past HSG sonogram. When the nurse took me back she assured me it would not be as bad as the HSG. As I laid there ready to make sure there were no fibroids or polyps I clenched my wrists. I kept telling myself "your being a big baby" and before I knew it everything was almost done and I was able to see the saline go through my uterus. It looked like a balloon being inflated, very cool. It was a huge sigh of relief to hear the nurse tell me everything look perfect.

*huge sigh of relief*

We were able to get over that hurdle and now onto the next steps of our second IVF journey. We have not yet received our calendar but we should be getting in within the next couple of days. Interesting enough I am not anxious at all about it. It will be very exciting to finally have the blue prints in my hands. Today marks a week of birth control pills! Which only means 14 more days! Where is time going?!

R&R update:
This Thursday I came into work like any other normal day and I sat at my desk to find an envelope with my name on it. I immediately opened it and soon found the best gift given to both Sarah and I. My co-worker decided it was crucial that both Sarah and I just have some major R&R. I was shocked beyond words. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. In the card there were instructions to a fun filled spa day which included Starbucks, pedicures, lunch, two hour European facials, haircuts, and a movie. We started our day at 10 AM sharp with our Starbucks in hand. No worries ladies I don't drink coffee so hot chocolate it was! After an amazing 12 hours of pure bliss we are now at home snuggled up lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. We have so much support in our life and we feel so blessed. Life is good <3

Gift from my co-worker :)

Trashy Magazines <3


Saturday, November 3, 2012

All aboard the crazy IVF train!!

Get on because this train is moving fast!

I feel like I slept for the past two weeks and now all of a sudden were well on our way to IVF #2!

If you recall from my previous post I shared that I had started my period 4 days earlier than expected and was expected to go into the clinic and do some blood work. is a recap

I called and notified about my period starting. They then told me to come in the following day have have my normal reproductive hormone tests. Blood was drawn and I was told to do a Lupron injection at exactly 5:30 PM and come back in at 9:30 for some more blood work. We woke up bright and early to make the 50 min drive to our clinic. (Seems far but we live in the bay area so its not that bad) I went in and handed them my arm for some blood sucking times. 

The nurse informed me that depending on the results they would tell me whether or not I would be starting birth control pills. I honestly felt a knot in my stomach. I prayed and hoped that everything would come out fine. We then made the 50 min drive back home pondering on the idea of "what if". I decided that we were not going to ponder no more. Whatever it was meant to be would be!

We were running errands when we received the call from our nurse and she asked if we had a couple of minutes. 

Suddenly I felt a huge knot in my stomach. I put the phone on speaker so we could both hear and she continued on with my results.

Day 1 blood draw:
FSH: 4.2
Estrogen: 35

Day 2 blood draw after Lupron injection:

She said they were great results all all were way normal!! So the doctor gave me the clear to start!!! We officially start!!! I have been instructed to start taking birth control pills tomorrow evening. Yikes!!!

This train sure is rolling along!!

SO excited, and ready <3

Friday, November 2, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Wow! I am very honored to be receiving my very first blog award!! I recieved this award nomination from "J" at Bake one buy one thank you so much! 

The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. It is a way to acknowledge each other and say "you're doing a great job". It is for blogs with 200 or less followers, so it's also a great way to spread the word about smaller blogs and get them more readers and followers!

So what do I do from here?! I now share the love to other bloggers and I also answer some fun questions from the person who nominated me. I then nominate 10 other bloggers and give them questions to answer! 

And here are my questions from J:

1. What is your least favorite chore? Easy....Laundry! I hate it with a passion! Once a week I force myself to do the dreaded laundry. I would rather clean bathrooms than sort, fold and put away laundry!

2. What is your favorite book? Dr. Seuss "Oh the places you'll go!" All time favorite book. "Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places. You're off and away!" Ir reminds me that no matter the journey we will overcome that mountain!

3. If you could wake up tomorrow and magically be successful at a new career, what would it be? Nursing. I have always wanted to be a Nurse ever since I can remember. Helping people has always been a priority and my life long dream is to become a Nurse. I know I will accomplish it!

4. If you had to live in a US state other than the one you live now (or other than the country you live in now), which would it be and why? Honestly, I would continue to live in the beautiful state of California. I love the diversity that is around me and how easy travel is at my fingertips. I can visit the beach, lake, or city in a matter of hours. LOVE!

5. What are the name(s) of your childhood pets (if you didn't have any, what about your favorite doll or toy)? Maggie was the name of my childhood toy bear that I slept with every single night. In fact I still have it and I do admit that I sleep with it at times. So comforting.

6. If vacationing on the moon became a thing, would you want to go? (why or why not) Yes. I would go in a heartbeat. I imagine both Sarah and I laying on the moon and the glow going straight through our bodies. What a beautiful image.

7. If you had to pick one food/drink item that you loved, to give up for a year, which would it be (eg, ice cream, coffee, alcohol, pizza)? Diet Soda. I LOVE, love, love diet soda. It honestly tastes so good and makes food taste even better (at least to me it does, lol) I have given it up since we started the whole IVF thing again but if I had to I would give that up for a year.

8. What is one of your favorite holiday traditions? Christmas music and tree decorating. Ever since I was little the weekend after Thanksgiving we decorated the Christmas Tree. We had Christmas music playing and boxes of decorations everywhere. We would spend hours dancing, and singing along to classic songs all while decorating the tree. At the end of the night we would sit down with a fire and sip hot chocolate looking at all of the beautiful lights. To this day we continue that tradition. A tradition I cannot wait to pass on. 

9. What is one thing little kid you always wanted for your birthday (or other holiday) that you never got? HA...a pony. I can't think of one person that didn't want a pony! I wanted one so bad and I remember all I got was a rented pony for a couple of hours!

10. Horror movie, comedy, or drama? Def. comedy. I hate being scared crapless and drama well we have enough of that in our daily life. I love to just sit back laugh and be a little carefree even if its only a couple of hours!

11. Beach, mountains, or amusement park? Amusement park. Disneyland or DisneyWorld. There is just something about being at an amusement park that just makes me happy. I love seeing all the people so happy and having so much fun. I also love having the time of my life and not having a care in the world while having this fun!

Now onto my Liebster Blog Award nominations!!

1. Erinvns- Erin is such a strong individual. Her strength and compassion to keep on going gives me such hope and faith.
2. Trying to concieve in a foreign country- Ryann is an amazing individual. She has been that amazing shoulder to lean on at times of difficulty  I have seen her go through upset and now happiness carrying a baby girl to soon come in 2013!
3. IVF over 40- J & M! What can I say they are pretty much awesome! They have been there for us in ways I can't even began to describe to you! I can't even tell you how much of a big heart they have! After many IVF attempts they are now expecting their bundle of joy!!
4. Jamie & Courtney- These two are the cutest couple ever! They have so much spunk and love its contagious!
5. Little one still 2 come-They are getting ready for an FET!
6. Baby Lopez 8410-Two amazing women getting ready for their bundle of joy!
7. Non fat caramel lesbian does baby making-a funny and awesome couple!
8. La mamma v-a loving and great family!
9. Amanda Raye 210- a wonderful couple on the ropes of TTC!
10. Mina in NYC- A wonderful mother to Dylan!

Now here are my questions to all the new Liebster blogger nominees! 

1. What is your favorite season and why?
2. What is something you cant live without?
3. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
4. If given the ability to change one thing in this world what would you choose?
5. Do you have any regrets in life?
6. Why did you start blogging?
7. What is your best trait?
8. What is your worst trait?
9. What is your best childhood memory?
10. Who are 3 people you would love to have dinner with (living or dead)?
11. Who is someone you miss?

Now its your turn new Liebster Blog Award winners, pass the love onto others!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little bit of Halloween & updates

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?! It gets my heart racing with excitement just thinking about it!

Halloween was super fun! I love the holidays, always have. I honestly can't wait to have kids to start new memories and traditions. Every year we sit outside and pass out candy to all the cute trick-or-treaters. Sarah usually dresses up in some crazy outfit and give the kids a scare. They get a hoot out of her outfit because no one ever thinks she is real! It made my heart warm and fuzzy watching all the little kids have fun and laugh. So carefree!

In other baby-making news. Remember when I said we moved everything up a month?! Well I was waiting for my period on November 5th (according to my handy dandy iphone period tracker app) well long and behold my period started today bright-eyed and ready to rumble! I immediately called the clinic and informed them that i was for sure full flow. Within the next five minutes I made an appointment for tommorow November 2nd at 10AM for some blood work! Part 1 of 2. I have to do a reprodutive hormone assay test. Your regular FSH and LH test then they give me some injections and 16 hours later I come in for another lovely blood test and from there on they can see just how well my ovaries react to all the meds.

Better have a pep talk with them tonight reminding them to be good little girls and do what mommy tells them to do! They need to rise and shine from the long nap they have been taking and get the show on the road!

After the two part blood test I then start up birth control pills (AKA I am going to snap at someone) and then come back after 7 days of being on them and have my saline sonogram (YAY! <----sarcastic). Thankfully sarah will be with me, hopefully so I can cry to her when the songram hurts!

After all that if we are clear to go then BAM, BAM were off! Looks like a retrieval/transfer before Christmas!

What a Christmas gift!!

I leave you with some pictures of our Halloween night <3

Love of my life <3

Yum! Spider web cupcakes!

Our little pumpkin tired from all the trick-or-treaters. Taking in the heat from the fireplace! LOL

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