Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I am thankful

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite all time holidays. It brings family together, creates new memories and shows all the love between us all. This morning we went to pick up my mom and her fiance at the airport and quickly made it back home and started the cooking feast. My mom had decided before they came that they would be cooking the dinner. She didn't want me to stress or worry about cooking all day long and it was nice for once to not be running around like a crazy chicken worrying about this and that. I even took a nap and rested!

Sitting at the table as everyone ate their yummy food I started thinking about what I am thankful for.....

I am thankful for....
~the life that God has given me and blessed me with
~that I have good health and health insurance
~a house with walls and a roof over my head
~reliable cars that run and work everyday
~the ability to see, smell and watch the beautiful things this world has to offer
~the ability to afford living in California
~a wonderful job that I love
~friends that I can lean on
~family that will always have your back
~being able to take a hand at fertility treatments
~I have overcome my fear of self injections
~the three most awesome pets ever
~blog friends
~the ability to love
~being married to the love of my life, my best friend Sarah

and today besides all that I am even more thankful that today is my last day of birth control pills!!! 

So flippin happy and relieved that this is the last pill, and hopefully the last birth control pill I will have to take for a long, long time!!

I am super excited for our IVF to start now. This just means that right around the corner is our base line ultrasound and the start of STIMS this upcoming week!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Filled with lots of love and laughter!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!


Jam 1 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sending "sticky vibes" for your ivf cycle. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving

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