Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anyone home?

Yikes, I really need to be better about writing in this blog! I guess you can say things have been busy or I have just been lazy, either way this whole IVF thing is moving rather quickly.

Let me recap what has been going on.....

Well on Tuesday I got a call from our clinic and my nurse wanted to sit down and chat with me about my calendar! I got so flippin excited that I ran into my office and shut the door slammed and listened to her. Within ten minutes I could finally get a grip on the next four weeks and boy was I happy to finally have the blue prints we have waited for!

So here is the the "estimated schedule"

  • Continue on Birth Control pills until Thanksgiving day (What a great day to end these horrible pills by celebrating with a nice feast....LOL)
  • On Friday, November 16th I start Lupron injections both morning and evening
  • On Wednesday, November 28th I have my baseline ultrasound to go over stimulation medication, etc.
  • Friday, November 30th the big day----->Start of stimulation medications! 
  • Week of December 3rd (Monitoring appointments)
  • Friday, December 7th (Start antibiotics)
  • Week of December 10th (estimated retrieval/transfer) Yikes!
Like I said, all this is happening so quickly and the best part of it all is Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have family coming in and joining us so our minds will be free from all the "IVF" stuff. Its honestly been great not thinking about it all.

Tonight started I started my acupuncture appointments. I transferred to a new place, still trying to feel the vibe from it all. They come highly recommended. I will be having weekly treatments then move to twice a week once we get into stims. 

A BIG plus that we found out is that our insurance covered Lupron. I know, I know its just Lupron but I would way rather pay 10.00 than the 200.00 they quoted!

We are all set with our meds and ready to get this going! I leave you with a picture of my meds....some of them, LOL!



Aspgriswold said...

What a picture!!! :) :) :) So excited for you two!!

Amanda Raye said...

I will find out today hopefully what mine will be but if I am right I am thinking I will be about the same as you!!! =)

Iydkmigthtky said...

Yay!! Good luck to you!!!!!

ivfover40 said...

I am so excited! Countdown to Nov. 30th. :D

Amanda Raye said...

I started Lupron yesterday and take my last BCP on Tuesday then go in for my baseline Black Friday. So looks like I will only be a few days ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

How exciting. It will be here before you know it.

Lexi + Sarah said...

Amanda, yay a cycle buddy!!! I can't wait to cheer you on!

Amanda Raye said...

Yea it will be great to go thru it when someone else is!! =)

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