Thursday, November 29, 2012

Call me cranky pants!

Today has been a crazy day! I couldn't sleep all night long...not sure if it was due to my four nap the day before or the fact that I was worrying about my period starting again.

Woke up countless times to pee and to my eyes nothing, nada! Come on, aunt flow, just come! Ok so after a morning of being cranky I went to the bathroom and to my surprise I found I had started!!!! I literally went back to my office grabbed a handy, dandy tampon and literally jumped for joy to the bathroom. Yes, I was so happy to be carrying a tampon!

Immediately called my clinic and my nurse was happy to hear I had started and re-read my medication instructions.

So Saturday is the BIG stimulation injection day! So excited to get going. This only means our retrieval is looming.

Please pray and send your good vibes towards us. Thank you for a the support!!


Mina said...

Praying for ya! Very exciting!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you Mina!!

Anonymous said...

Hope stims are treating you well. Good luck.

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