Sunday, July 28, 2013

Organization Mayhem!

So remember in a previous post I had said I got hit by a the nesting syndrome? Well, here is my more elaborate post because I am feeling very confident with what I have accomplished. Given, I have a couple more things to organize these things are so small I could finish quickly. My main concern was getting the bulk of it done before baby girl comes to the world.

To give a little background I am a very organized person. My wife would describe me as a freak when it comes to anything organized. I will admit I do have an organization problem. I am not ashamed of it in any way LOL! In fact I have been like this since I was little. I remember clearly always organizing all my toys in certain ways and shapes. As I grew up I knew I couldn't live my life so rigidly so I allowed myself to just step back and not be so dang organized. I mean I will never be not organized but not as crazy as I used to be when I was young. So my point is ever since becoming pregnant my crazy organization skills have come back and in full swing. There is something about having the house be perfect before your baby arrives. I can't really explain the "nesting bug" other than it really is a true symptom of pregnancy. To make myself not seem so crazy I would like to mention that I know many women out there who suffer from the same symptom...yes, maybe more some than others.

So for the past couple of weeks I have been putting away and getting rid of "stuff" and organizing. So here is a little glimpse of what I have been up to the past couple of weeks. I feel SO much better with our closets and cabinets!

 Kitchen cabinets
 More kitchen cabinets

Looking at our closets makes me feel so awesome! Plus now everything is so organized I can find things a whole lot easier!

This weekend has been an awesome weekend I have to say. It has been pretty low key. I mean two weekends in a row! I am so not complaining. I m doing things as we go and I am learning to understand things will get done when they need to get done. Plain and simple.

So this Friday we bought my first sewing machine. No I didn't just walk into the craft store and decided this looked like a nice piece of machinery. I have been wanting to sew forever. My mom taught me to sew bits and pieces when I was little...remembering is a whole different story. I realized there are so many cute baby stuff that I want to buy when I could just make it myself. After much research we bought a Brother sewing machine. I am so in LOVE with this machine! I have been sewing and sewing what seems like all weekend! I have been practicing and practicing. Given this is my first time sewing by myself I was scared. I am proud to say I have taught myself how to sew! With the help of YouTube videos sewing is simply easy!

So now I have many sewing crafts on my list and I am hoping to finish one this weekend. On my other list of craftiness. I decided to bedazzle baby girls Converse shoes. They were just to plain and Sarah said I was allowed to since she has so many pairs of shoes.

I am so excited to be making homemade things for our little girl. It means so much more to me and more importantly it reminds me of when I was little and sitting at the table while my mom sewed my dresses or blankets. It makes things that much more special. Now, I just wish I would have paid more attention back then! Oh well! I feel happy learning on my own :)


nurse BiBi said...

Good lord! You are one domestic diva! Love the converse shoes.

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thanks! LOL, not sure I would call myself that! HAHA, I try!

More Than Words said...

Those shoes are adorable and I must say, I'm super impressed with your organization skills! I'm sure it's going to make your first weeks with baby girl so much easier.

I didn't learn how to sew until Grace was a few months old but now that I know how, I LOVE it! Just wait until Halloween comes around and you get to make your little gal her costume. You're going to have so much fun. :)

Lexi + Sarah said...

@More than Words: thank you! I just started to learn and I'm already addicted!! This is something I have always wanted to do so I'm super excited to just sit and sew. I can't wait to do many projects! I haven't even started thinking about Halloween! She will be about a month! Will def have to look at costumes :)

Anonymous said...

OMG you sound like my sister who is OCD. Is it just organization or is it hospital sterile in your house too? I dont think being clean or organized is a bad thing. I get into my moods as well. Good job. The shoes look adorable.

Lexi + Sarah said...

Oh! I will not even deny I have a little OCD LOL!! No it's not hospital sterile bad at all!! For me it's about being organized and neat. We were organized before just a little more now lol!

Batty said...

*grins* We're very similar ;)

You *need* a Silhouette Cameo or similar - life saver :D

Lexi + Sarah said...

LOL! @ Batty

JustMe said...

Can you come organize my house?? We have literally been stuffing stuff in the closet in our guest bedroom since we moved in. And I mean literally, as in stuff and then slide the doors shut or else it will all fall out. Now I have to organize it and sort it and put it in the garage to make room for baby stuff. EEEK.

Lexi + Sarah said...

@justme: we had one of those closets and trust me I know what you mean when you say "stuff" I found so much crap. We ended up throwing a lot away and having garage sales! Talking about that...I still have some of that stuff in our garage!!

Tommalie said...

Isn't that sewing maching the kind that does all that fancy stenciling stuff? I'm gonna request a blanket for Chesney

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