Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Shower

Ugh! I hate that I keep forgetting to update on our blog. Makes me upset because I have very good intentions to and then I am not sure what happens but a blog post is never made. Anyways, instead of boring you with my excuses I thought I would share pictures and an update from our beautiful baby shower! When we found out we were pregnant right away many wanted to throw us a baby shower. So we thought it would be nice for it to be a group effort since so many wanted to help including us. I know baby showers are supposed to be thrown for the parents to be but since this was our first baby and we had such a long journey of getting to this point we wanted to be involved. Boy, were we ever involved. I think we went a tad overboard with everything because by the end of the day on our baby shower I was glad I didn't have to plan another detail!

I took on the task of getting everything ready decoration wise for the shower. Sarah helped me even though craftiness isn't one of her key points. I have a very powerful mind when it comes to what I want and sometimes that take over the best of me. I try not to but it happens. All in all we ended up making everything for the shower and it came out fabulous! A memory that will forever be in our hearts and minds.

It was so nice to see how many friends and family we have in our lives and most importantly in our little girl's life. She is so blessed and lucky and so are we! We were so overwhelmed with all the amount of gifts we received. At first when we found it we were pregnant the first thing that was on my mind was making sure our pregnancy stuck and then making sure we had everything we needed for our miracle baby. After our baby shower it came to both of our minds and eyes that indeed we had everything for her. Now comes the task of putting everything away! That shall be another blog post!!

We would like to give a thank you to all of our family and friends for all the help they offered to make our baby shower a huge success! Special thanks to our two moms and grandma! You all are awesome!

Now I leave you with some pictures from the wonderful day!


Our Journey said...

Wow looks like you girls had a great day! I can't wait to see picture of her nursery! Crazy, how fast time is flying! The decorations looked beautiful!

I can't wait for my baby shower :)!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you! It was a wonderful day! We will be posting pics of her nursery soon! Can't wait for you either!!

Ryann said...

It looks like you have so many people who love you both and are equally as excited for this little girl's arrival. You are all very blessed!
PS You will LOVE the 4Moms swing!

Lexi + Sarah said...

@ Ryann
I can't wait to use the 4Moms swing! We really wanted it and was so happy when we got it! It is such a neat gadget!

Rachael said...

Great pictures, it's almost time for Harper to get here!!

Lexi + Sarah said...

@ Rachael;
Thanks! Yes, she is almost here!!

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