Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a very low key day. For the first time in weeks it wasn't full of running from one store to another or doing this and that for the house. It was low key which felt amazing! It even included a two hour nap!

I finally decided to get up and do some laundry since I always leave it for the last thing on my weekend. Then again who likes laundry?! So after finishing the laundry I decided it would be wise to start washing baby Harper's clothes. It was the most exciting thing ever and I hate laundry! Her clothes are so cute and tiny and just so dang cute!

So I leave you with some pics of my not so productive day!

Even our pup jake was lazy!

Also, thank you to the two fellow bloggers who nominated our blog! I promise the next post will be about it! Love you all!


JustMe said...

Here's to a lazy Sunday! I didn't get anything done today besides grocery shopping and working on our Registry, and I'm trying not to feel guilty about all of the things I didn't do.

I love the picture of your perfect. Also, congrats on washing the baby clothes. I understand. I hate doing laundry, but am actually looking forward to that!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Glad it was a lazy sunday for both of us!

Thank you! He sure is a cutie!

Doing Harper's clothes was actually not bad it was exciting :)

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