Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ultrasound update!

Wow what a night/day! Yesterday night I was having the hardest time keeping my nerves calm. I had an excited-nervous feeling. I think the reason I was so nervous was this was our first ultrasound after stimming with meds, and it didn't help that I had an awful dream of only one egg! Well after a night of no sleep it was time to drive to our appointment.

We got to our appointment and right away they brought us back. The nurse said we would do my ultrasound first. We sat there waiting excited and before you knew it the doctor was coming in. He first found my lining and said its "building up" which is great! Then he went to my right ovary and there they were! 11 follicles! All of them were the size of 10mm and then he went to the left ovary and counted 9 follicles and all were the size between 8-10! He told me that my follicles are growing at a uniform rate and this is great. I don't have just one dominant follicle. Best news we heard!

So we go back on Monday which happens to be my birthday for another ultrasound at 8:45 sharp! My follicles should grow 2mm a day so by Monday they should be 14mm. We will most likely start my ganirelix on Monday which will stop me from ovulating early.

So retrieval is looking like the end of this week! Yay!!

Oh and we got my blood tests back from this morning...good results!
-Estradiol was 705! (jumped 700 in a week this is good means my follicles are growing!)
-prolactin (16) needs to be less than 30
-progesterone 0.01 needs to be less than 2
-LH 1.2 needs to be less than 15

Everything is looking great!

Till next time!


Ryann said...

THAT'S GREAT NEWS!!! Congratulations!! I am so excited for you both. :) Hugs and smiles all around!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you!!! Pretty surreal at the moment but sooo excited!

Unknown said...

congratulations with the successful and awesome ultrasound..

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