Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First injections

I was planning on writing a new blog post last night....until I fell asleep! These meds are for sure doing one thing to me and that's making me TIRED! Yesterday morning at work I caught myself shutting my eyes and then catching myself! I got off of work early because we had to go and pick up our specimen from California Cryobank and drop it off at our IVF facility. On the way home Sarah drove and I reclined my seat back and shut my eyes. Before I knew it Sarah was waking me up to let me know we were home! So far no moody mood swings, LOL! I will take the sleepiness over the mood swings.

Yesterday was our first injections! Our alarm went off at 6:30 sharp! We both jumped out of bed with our blood pumping. We were ready to get this show on the road! We decided to let our dog Jake out so he could do his business so we couuld have zero interupptions. It then hit me that in less than an hour we would be doing the injections. My heart started racing and I was getting nervous. I started to clean. Usually when I get nervous I clean. I guess you can't complain there! BAM, 7:00 AM rolls around and we started "prepping" all of our stuff. We washed our hands, disinfected the area we were using, got out supplies out, got the medicine out and before you knew it we were getting ready to start. We went off the instruction sheet we were handed at the injection class and followed each instruction carefully.

We were doing pretty good. We got through all the steps no problem....until the last step. I forgot to pull back the syringe and make sure all the "liquid gold" was released from the top. My nerves got the best of me. Before you knew it we were replacing the long needle with the short needle so we could proceed. We pushed up the medicine so we could see that tiny little drop and we saw more than one! We started to panic! We decided to call the on-call Nurse. Within a couple of minutes we were being transferred to Kathy. She was so nice and calming for 7 in the morning. She advised us to put back the long needle and push the medicine back into the last vile we used. Phew! We were able to dodge that bullet! We did the steps all over again carefully and wholla we had success!

This just meant it was time....time to inject. Im not scared of needles, nor getting my blood drawn, I guess there is just something aboug stabbing yourself with a needle....weird feeling, LOL! I had to have Sarah do it because I was too chicken! She did a great job! She made sure to inject slowly so it wouldn't burn but heck it still burned! This stuff is no joke when it burns! I site felt weird and a tad sore but not too bad. I am not scared of these needles...its the Progesterone shots that are going to kill me LOL!

Tonight is our Acupuncture appointment. I told Sarah my poor belly is sure getting some needle abuse! LOL!

So we have done three shots! Saturday can't come fast enough. We have our first ultrasound after the meds! Crossing our fingers and praying we see some action in this ovaries!

Till next time!


Ryann said...

I am so glad that everything worked out so well!
I know what you mean when you say the meds make your tired! I could hardly stay awake at work and was in bed the same time as my 6 year old! LOL
I can't wait to find out how your first Ultrasound goes! It's such an exciting day!!
Remember to take the time to process everything that is going on. Take lots of photos and remember each step because they are all important.

Lexi + Sarah said...

I am glad everything worked out as well! I told Sarah that sleep has never been this good! LOL. I fall into a deep sleep. Very relaxing. I have been going to sleep a lot earlier. Fine with me :)

I have been feeling rather bloated/full. I have been weighing myself and my number is staying the same. I think my body is just getting used to everything that is going on!

We are taking pictures and lots of videos of everything! We want to look back at this years from now and go "wow! remember that?".


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