Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting nervous about injections!

Okay so it hit me today that in about a month and a half we are going to be starting our IVF journey! Yesterday, we went to our fertility center and got more blood work done. It was great to see all the nurses and coordinators we are going to be working so closely with for the next couple of months! As I started pondering and smiling on the fact of our IVF journey it hit me like a ton of bricks the amount of injections I am going to have to do! Oh lord, please give me the strength to be okay and not have any problems with them. I am not nervous about the injections on my stomach or leg....the ones that are freaking me out a lot are the ones in my butt and arm! *nervous face*. Sarah and I have spent the last hour looking at videos on how to do injections the more I look at them the more nervous I get. I know all will be okay. I am not scared of needles per say but more scared of having to put them in myself or Sarah poking way to fast, lol.

We are getting SO excited we can't even contain it!!!! The next couple of weeks will be working on the house and fixing things and organizing so we don't have to worry once IVF comes around!

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lexi & Sarah,

I've just done my first round of stimulated IUI which involved nightly injections for a week followed on my a trigger shot. I couldn't bring myself to do it so my partner did. I'm not afraid of needles just felt so wrong to be injecting myself! :) They weren't painful. Just felt like a pinch and I had a few minor side effects but nothing major. I think by having my partner doing the injections made her feel more a part of the process.

Good Luck!


Ryann said...

I know that this is going to sound very strange, but over here, when they give a shot in the butt, they actually slap the area 5 or 6 times semi hard before injecting the needle. They then rub the area for a few moments briskly. I am laughing just typing this, but it really helps. I am sure bring the extra blood to the surface along with feeling the sensation of the slap is what dulls the pain from the needle, but every time they have done it, I have NEVER felt the pain from the needle. I wouldn't suggest it for everyone, but for me, I HATE needles and not feeling them is worth the slap. And now that my Husband is doing the injections, it makes for a great laugh during the process.

Lexi + Sarah said...

@ Lisa (Sarah is really excited to give the injections. Me on the other hand is a little nervous lol. I know everything will be okay, its not knowing that's the scary part!)

@ Ryann (Can I just say that my DW and I have been cracking up about this lol!! I told her what you said and she said okay no problem! I do agree you will get a great laugh before which can decrease you nervousness! Thanks for the tip!)

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