Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unexpected vet trip, relaxing, and learning

This week was a crazy one to say the least. On Thursday afternoon we had to take our dog Jake to the vet hospital due to uncontrollable throwing up. At first we didn't think it was too big of a problem. Then after a couple of hours and x-rays later the doctor told us he would need to stay overnight. Next thing you know Jake is in the hospital for four days and an abdominal surgery later we have a very happy and healthy dog! When we took him he was not keeping anything down and for the three days prior his eating was WAY off. Well when we picked him up today he was back to his normal self! Jake AKA Hoover vacuum ate things he probably shouldn't have.

Before all of this chaos I went to have a very relaxing massage that my work had arranged for me as a thank you gift. It was the most relaxing thing ever. I could really get used to have massages on a regular basis, lol.

The other day I was browsing Pinterst and found this great fact sheet on fast food. It really is an eye opener.  A lifestyle change is a slow change after all.

Facts about fast food


pangolin said...

I'm so glad I gave up fast food years ago. It's just so gross the more I learn about it. It can be difficult and I will admit though I don't eat fast food on a regular basis, once every three months or so I end up in one drive thru or another... usually while traveling long distances where I find keeping fresh food to not be an option.

John Milton said...

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