Saturday, April 7, 2012

Acupuncture and a whole lot of nothing!

Today has been a very lazy Saturday to say the least. We have not really done much and that's okay with me. For some reason we have no problem waking up really early on weekends but when it comes to the weekday that's another story. This morning we decided to just get our workout done with so we wouldn't have to worry about doing it later in the day. We are doing this mobile app called "couch potato to 5k" and so far its very well worth it! The thing I like about it the most is that it changes each time you run. One minute you run the next minute you don't and so on. Best thing is we knock our workout and our dog Jake gets his workout as well :)

After, our workout and Saturday cleaning duties I had my weekly appointment for acupuncture. Every week until we get closer to the ER and transfer we are going to go once a week, once we get closer we will go twice a week. I think the nice thing is when we go through the ER and transfer we can have our acupuncturist meet us there so we can get a session right after!

Now, I don't really mind the needles when they are in me but I guess in some places it feels a tad awkward. You can only see my stomach but I actually have them all over my body. 

After coming home we decided to make organic chocolate chip cookies. They are delicious!

Tomorrow is our week 1 weigh in! May the numbers be in our favor :)


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