Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend ramblings, crock pot cooking, & relaxing

This weekend has been a fun filled weekend. My mom decided to come and visit both of us from Arizona on Friday afternoon. Ever since then its been a non-stop weekend! Both Sarah and I have had so much fun. On Friday afternoon we went to dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House in Walnut Creek. Boy was that the BEST steak I have ever had. I mean best! On Saturday we went to Santa Cruz and just had fun being goofy and looking at the beautiful scenery.

After coming back we got ready to go out dancing with both of our moms! Yes, we like to dance and yes we went with our moms :) It was very fun dancing with my DW!!
Ready to go out <3

Today has been a rather relaxing and uneventful day. We have been cooking all day long in the crock pot. I love my crock pot!! We made homemade refried beans the healthy way and pot roast, the healthy way.

Yum! They both are delicious and we have plenty of left overs! However, this week has been a very off week for both Sarah and I and eating. We have been so busy that we have been eating out more than usual and our working out has taken a back seat. I hate this feeling. Usually, I would pick the yummy food over the healthy food but not this time. Even though we have been eating out we have made very good choices. The exercise part is the difficult part. So starting tomorrow morning we are going to back on track with both the eating and working out. Luckily we have not gained any weight and have stayed the same. We just need to really kick it up into gear. I mean really! Time is ticking away!


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