Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Only keeping it between me and you

When we first started our TTC journey I remember a gal telling us to keep it between us. We agreed that that was best. After our first IUI we wanted to talk to everyone and anyone. We thought that maybe just telling our family would be okay. Well we did. Just our parents.....until I opened my mouth to one of my co-workers. I was overwhelmed with emotion at the time. Well I didn't think it was bad until the continuous questions were always being asked, including this morning. As I was walking through one of the patient units she came up to me and asked me "are you pregnant yet?!" Really....I guess its not her fault but it made me a tad sad, but before I let her see that I knew everything was okay. I brushed it off and knew that in time it will happen and to even be able to go through this journey with my wife is the most exciting thing ever! I love sharing with others because we understand each other and can give advice when needed. Support can be such a great and comforting thing. I got back to my office and plugged in my iphone and put on The Beatles, and played one of our favorite songs....Here come the sun. Its a beautiful song :)


Tommalie said...

You know we told "a select few" people...really my parents were the main ones who knew...that got old really really quickly. We finally told all who knew including all on ccb that we were taking a break. We were stressed from not getting pregnant, stressed from all the questions and comments and "trying to help" etc. That we finally just decided to "take a break" from everyone and just focused on ourselves. That was the cycle we got pregnant!

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