Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hmmm....So I have to tell you something....

Sarah and I have talked a lot about telling my close co-worker and boss about our IVF journey. When we started our IUI journey we thought to keep it private but since IVF is more aggressive on time, etc. we knew the best thing would be to tell them up front so they are more understanding when I call in that morning because of an appointment.....kinda like tomorrow! I started my period so this means we go to find out what protocol we are on and get a list of meds and doses!!

When I told my boss her response was AMAZING! She was soooo incredibly happy for both of us and she even said she would do my injections! How awesome is that! My boss was a labor and delivery nurse for 24 years before becoming a director so I know I trust her with administrating my injections! I feel like a weight was lifted off me!


Anonymous said...

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