Saturday, May 19, 2012

Calendar Organization!

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As we all know.....I love and have to be organized. As much as I can be, especially when it comes to IVF. Yesterday I got my hard copy of my calendar with a whole bunch of other document goodies and decided their calendar was not up to my standards...LOL! So there I was for two hours fiddling around with Excel and composing my calendar. Finally after two hours of getting everything together, our IVF calendar is complete!

The screen shot above does not include the other two sheets I have for pre-retrieval and post transfer! I feel very good about the calendar and now I just need to print it!

I have set up all of my meds on top of the dresser and soon my calendar will be hanging up on the wall so I can clearly keep track of each and every day! Counting down!! We only have 17 more days until we start stims! Bring it on!!


Ryann said...

I did the very same thing when I started taking all of the medication. Although we never received a calender with our medications, I knew I would need some way of keeping everything accounted for.
You have done an amazing job fitting everything in there!
I am so excited for you to both!! Counting down those days until you can finally start all of the medication is so hard, but once you do, the time flies by so fast. Make sure to take the time to soak in the process because I know that I wish I had taken more pictures, videos and just taken the time to realize what was going on.
Praying for the both of you to have a great stims outcome and lots and lots of healthy follicles!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you so much!! We are very excited at this point everything is so surreal for us! We would love to just sleep until we start our meds! LOL. We bought a camcorder for that reason :)I can't wait to hear about your transfer, you are almost there!!

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