Saturday, May 12, 2012

Medication Order

Well, we did it! We ordered our medications!!

Yesterday, I got an email with my prescriptions and while we knew the cost of what the meds were going to cost us it really hit us full throttle yesterday afternoon. I think we had a minor heart attack, lol! We sat down and called 10 pharmacies and each one had their pros and cons but most importantly was the price. After much discussing we choose Freedom Fertility. We are pleased with our decision.

Here is what we ordered:
-2 0.25mg Cetrotide
-1 Lupron trigger 1mg
-20 Lovenox 40mg
-30 Dexamethasone 1mg
-2 progesterone in oil 50mg
-18 Menopur 75 IU
-36 Bravelle 75 IU

Total cost.....$3,143.21

This is after discounts! Phew we did it! Along with this order comes free shipping, all the syringes we will need, and other good stuff.

After placing the order I looked at Sarah and we both smiled. We are very excited and fortunate to be able to be here at this point in our lives. We feel blessed!


non-fat-caramel-gal-about-town said...

Holy crap...expensive. Worth it...but wow.

Lexi + Sarah said...

Talk about expensive lol! Yes tottally worth it!!

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