Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little bit of Halloween & updates

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?! It gets my heart racing with excitement just thinking about it!

Halloween was super fun! I love the holidays, always have. I honestly can't wait to have kids to start new memories and traditions. Every year we sit outside and pass out candy to all the cute trick-or-treaters. Sarah usually dresses up in some crazy outfit and give the kids a scare. They get a hoot out of her outfit because no one ever thinks she is real! It made my heart warm and fuzzy watching all the little kids have fun and laugh. So carefree!

In other baby-making news. Remember when I said we moved everything up a month?! Well I was waiting for my period on November 5th (according to my handy dandy iphone period tracker app) well long and behold my period started today bright-eyed and ready to rumble! I immediately called the clinic and informed them that i was for sure full flow. Within the next five minutes I made an appointment for tommorow November 2nd at 10AM for some blood work! Part 1 of 2. I have to do a reprodutive hormone assay test. Your regular FSH and LH test then they give me some injections and 16 hours later I come in for another lovely blood test and from there on they can see just how well my ovaries react to all the meds.

Better have a pep talk with them tonight reminding them to be good little girls and do what mommy tells them to do! They need to rise and shine from the long nap they have been taking and get the show on the road!

After the two part blood test I then start up birth control pills (AKA I am going to snap at someone) and then come back after 7 days of being on them and have my saline sonogram (YAY! <----sarcastic). Thankfully sarah will be with me, hopefully so I can cry to her when the songram hurts!

After all that if we are clear to go then BAM, BAM were off! Looks like a retrieval/transfer before Christmas!

What a Christmas gift!!

I leave you with some pictures of our Halloween night <3

Love of my life <3

Yum! Spider web cupcakes!

Our little pumpkin tired from all the trick-or-treaters. Taking in the heat from the fireplace! LOL


Unknown said...

Love love love the costumes! So excited to hear that things are progressing and you'll be starting IVF #2 soon!!! :) :)

sarah said...

halloween is such a fantastic time of the year! :) can't wait to hear about your ivf 2. fingers crossed for you both.


Ryann said...

Love Love Love the costumes but even more I LOVE that you are at this point. I am so excited for you both!! I will be praying for you every night and refreshing your blog page often. :)

Mommy said...

That's so exciting for you girls!!! I can't wait to keep reading and see you get a much deserved BFP :)

CoffeeBlue said...

So excited for your upcoming cycle!
And I nominated you for a Liebster Award :) You can check out more info here:

Iydkmigthtky said...

Love the cupcakes and costumes!! So excited for you both!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you all!! I can't believe I have been nominated for a Liebster award! Thank you!!!

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