Thursday, July 26, 2012

August 6th

Today I faxed over my medical records and within an hour I got a call that they had received my records. Yay! Then the lady on the phone explained to me that the earliest she could have me talk to the doctor would be Monday, August 6th at 1PM!!! I explained that this appointment was WAY better than oh.....October 4th!! So we are moving along and I am pretty excited to hear what he has to say about everything in my medical record. I can't wait! This new chapter of our lives keeps getting better and better!

I just had to update :)


Jamie And Courtney said...

WOW!!! That is incredible :) :) August 6th is a special day it seems, that should be our O day! & we come back to TN on the 7th. Hopefully a tiny bean sprout will be on board with us! & hopefully you guys will be getting news about your tiny bean sprout around then too :) YAY for the lucky month of August

non-fat-caramel-does-lesbian-baby-making said...

I really hope August IS a lucky month ladies...I'm DR as we speak! Lots of baby dust to you both!

non-fat-caramel-does-lesbian-baby-making said...

Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow! :o)

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