Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini vacation

As soon as we got our negative we knew we needed to just get away even if it was thirty minutes away. Sometimes you just have to leave everything you were dealing with behind and not have a care in the world. After much thought we decided to go somewhere we could have fun and be care free. So on Thursday afternoon we will be driving five hours to Disneyland!! What a better place! After all they say its the happiest place on earth! Any of our family or friends who know us really well know that we are deep down Disney freaks. Well at least me. I hate to admit it lol.

Other than our mini vacation we are still on track with our eating clean lifestyle. It has been hard but every time we get frustrated and want to go for that chocolate chip cookie we think about the baby we really want and the healthy couple we want to be.

We ordered my medical records from my old facility and im pretty excited to get them and read them through. Only four more months until our appt. Before we know it October will be here and we will be ready to go!

Baby dust to all!


baubucho said...

You MUST go to the new Cars land at Disneyland!! I am dying to go but it's a long way from Missouri:( It looks amazing and identical to Radiator Springs in the movie:) I hope you girls have a blast and take it all in!!

Aspgriswold said...

Yaaaa! Sounds like you guys have some great plans!!

Ryann said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Getting away, just the two of you really is a great idea. After everything that happened to us in January, we decided to take a little trip and even though all of our family was with us, it was such a great time to laugh and have fun and not feel guilty.
Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth and I too am a HUGE Disney fan. Hopefully someday we can take our son there. I can't wait to see all of your photos!! I have never seen Disney California!!

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