Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back from our mini-vacation & fertility update

Well, were back from our very mini-vacation! We went to Disneyland because we just needed to get out of here and just not have a care in the world. I know many think that going to a theme park is not the most relaxing vacation ever and it may not be, but for us it was a blast! We left on Thursday afternoon and made the 5 hour drive to Anaheim, California. We arrived around 10:30 due to the lovely California traffic and checked into our hotel. Got right on the bed and fell right to sleep. Bright and early we got up both days we were there and we spent 12 hours at both parks each day. By the end of the second day I literally told Sarah if they needed to amputate my feet I was pretty sure I wouldn't feel a thing. My legs felt pretty numb all day long and it was worst when we waited in line and I don't think it helped when the new Cars ride took 4 hours of standing!! We did not once think about anything fertility. It was great to get our minds off of things!!

We got back home on Sunday evening and it was back to our normal routine on Monday. My Monday morning consisted of getting our fertility "stuff" in order. In the past couple of months I have met a great individual. Name I would like to keep confidential for her privacy but nonetheless she has been great help for me. She has gone through the IVF facility we plan on going with and has been there with any question I have and most important she was able to talk to our doctor and he is going to try and get us in earlier than our October phone consultation! How awesome is this?! So I ordered my medical records from our old RE and I am still waiting for them to arrive. I called to see where they were and the front desk was rude and said they were not even copied yet. UGH! One more reason why I am happy we are transferring. I called our new facility and talked to the coordinator and a nurse about any questions I have. They made sure as soon as they get my records I will be able to get a phone consult! 

Sarah and I have both decided that we would like to talk to the doctor earlier so we can learn what I can do to have a more successful cycle. We have also decided that we wont start until October/November. We want to make sure we are "prepared" both physically, mentally and financially. I want to get my body ready, as much as we can. 

These past couple of weeks I feel like we got back to our normal selves. The past couple of months was all geared towards our IVF cycle and took a lot out of us. We didn't go out on dates and fun was a blast from the past. We were so concentrated on what was in front of us. Don't get me wrong its good to be focused and concentrated but to a degree. We were breathing and eating IVF. This time around I don't want to put all my energy towards it. I want to just live our normal day to day life and go to our doctors appointments like its just another appointment. Things are going to be different, a good different!

Were going to leave you with some photos of us from our trip :)

Getting ready for Disneyland!
Our first "drink" since we started our fertility journey! Oh it was SO delicious!

I truly believe in this <3
Love of my life <3
Lots of love!


non-fat-caramel-does-lesbian-baby-making said...

Beautiful photos ladies!

I think having a little romantic get away was such a lovely idea...and Disney really is the happiest place on earth! ;-)

Your old clinic sound dreadful - I am so, so sorry. You'd think they'd have been more supportive/sympathetic...urgh.

A new chapter awaits! :-D

Laura and Angie xoxo

Jamie And Courtney said...

I just left a reply to your comment saying exactly the same thing about not putting 100% of your energies on baby things!! Great minds I tell ya! :) I agree stress is an evil thing, and it has ways of creeping up without your really knowing until BAM you ovulate 2 weeks later than normal.

I see good things on the horizon for you guys! You both make me so hopeful and happy :) Much Love & good luck!!

Aspgriswold said...

This is great!! Glad you had a great trip!! Awesome news that you may get in earlier. Crossing my fingers!!!!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Laura & Angie-Disneyland was a blast and yes it is the happiest place on earth!!Thank you for the well wishes!

Jamie & Courtney-I do agree that stress can mess everything! It really can. Its easier said than done. Try and relax! Enjoy the journey!!

Aspgriswold-Thank you for the well wishes! We are praying for great results!!

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