Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Overdue!

Hello blogger world!! It sure has been awhile!! I apologize to everyone who has contacted me and have seen zero response from me. Our Internet has been down and continues to be down so I am reporting from work while I am on break!

So what has been going on with us two?!
Well we told you all that we were moving to a bigger and better house two houses down...literally! Well, we were given a date of the 22nd then it got moved to the 11th, then it got moved to the 5th! As you can see all the moving around of dates really had us confused and we had decided to plan on moving out on the 22nd that way we didn't feel rushed moving. Then, we got a call on the 3rd that the house would be in fact ready to move in so we jumped on that train! Before you knew it were packing at the speed of light and coordinating friends and family to help move us in, along with everything else that comes along with moving! Boy, it was quite the move! Everything was a mess!! Me being the organized person that I am through that out the window. We are still unpacking and moving stuff around. Thankfully we are moved in. We still have to clean the other place out and finish some stuff over there but for the most part we are 80% done.

Every evening after work I come home and we both start on something with the house. We want to just get it all done and behind us. I guess it didn't help that in that week our washer broke, and our Internet has failed to be connected....but we have TV! We are still awaiting them to come and connect! I hate being with out Internet! I love everything about this house! We are starting to put "our" touches in the house. Its starting to feel like home.

I think the hardest part of this move was not the fact that we were go-go-go but the empty room. In our other house our second bedroom was not really visible unless you went down the hallway now I pass the room every time I go to our bedroom or in that part of the house. Every time I picture "our" baby room decorated and the cooing of a newborn baby. Something so close yet it feels so far away. I cried the first night we were moved in. I sat in the empty room and just cried. Haven't cried since we found out about our negative. It didn't make it any better when I had to look at the baby stuff we have bought over the past two years. I still don't know why we bought baby stuff. I mean not a lot but some cute neutral color clothes. I can't wait to have that baby in our arms.

We had a phone consult with our new doctor whom I love and appreciate! He was awesome and down to earth. He explained that after reviewing my chart he believes I was on too high of meds. I had a feeling of this. He said especially for my age. He also said that based on my antral-follicle count he should have known that  I would have stimmed well which I did. I went too fast which caused me to have a lot of immature eggs. He also said that based on how many eggs I had at day three I should have been a day three transfer and NOT a day 5. Another big sigh. I cried on the phone and he was so comforting and said it was OK. He understood how frustrated this entire process was. So we have decided we want to start with my period in November. Which means retrieval/transfer would be December/Jan. We may push it earlier if we can save enough by then. I can't wait to get this process going!!!

Thank you to all who reached out while I was gone! You are all awesome :)


Aspgriswold said...

Awesome news! Congrats on the move and about the phone consult! It sounds like you are going to be in good hands!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lexi & Sara,

I am so glad to read this post...I was starting to worry a bit.

Glad that the phone consult went well & that you love the doctor. He is absolutely the best. You will adore all the nursing staff too, especially Angela.

We just went for our third ultrasound yesterday at our regular OB. Funny, she confessed that she & her female partner both got a little crush on the IVF doc during their treatment. My partner & I did too! He is just so sweet, caring and nurturing....He takes all the time in the world to talk, consult, hug, laugh, high five & pose for pictures. :-) I am SO HAPPY that you had a positive experience on the phone with him. Please don't hesitate to reach out & email me if you have any questions or need any support. Saludos.

J.R. in Santa Cruz

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