Thursday, December 20, 2012


Holy Moley! Is it possible to just sleep until the 28th?!?!

Guess not!

Went back to work yesterday and boy was it the best feeling ever. Lol I know time off is like precious gold but I found myself twiddling my fingers and obsessing too much about this and that. At least at work I'm busy doing data entry all day long so my mind is busy. Plus side to my job. It's a 100% sit on your butt all day long until it hurts kinda of job. So really these babies sure are resting and taking it easy.

Everything is going swell minus the progesterone capsules. Sorry if this is too much TMI but there slimy and disgusting!

Besides that nothing new to report. Have been keeping my angel close to our babies all day long. I pause at work throughout the day to say I love them and that they have to cook for 9 months because there are a lot of people that have been rooting for them. Please God keep then safe in your hands and make sure they are warm and comfy. We love them so much already. *tears* <-----hormones are so out of whack! I cry for everything now including my wife who sang Rudolph the red nose reindeer! Oh my! LOL

Well until next time! I leave you with a pic of my angel that protects these babies.


Brittany said...

Are you going to POAS?

Lexi + Sarah said...

Not this time. We did that last time and it was more devastating going through it everyday. We're hoping we can hold it till the blood test :)

Unknown said...

So new to this...on what day after transfer would you want to POAS and not get a false positive due to hormones? Love reading your blog btw and are keeping our fingers crossed for you . you always seem so positive and it's contagious! :)

Lexi + Sarah said...

Well last time we had already started POAS and it was terrible each time we saw a negative. If your going to test you want to at least wait until the hcg is out of your system. It's such a mind game!

Mandee said...

You can't always go by HPTs because I took mine the same day of my beta 8dp5dt and it said "not pregnant" and my blood beta was 81.

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