Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Okay this whole TWW (two week wait) thing is serious business. This whole time we have been so calm going through this all like nothing and then the brutal TWW!!

I'm so glad we have so much going on these next couple of days and I go back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness I have a sit down job and I will get my mind off of all this thinking!

Today on our agenda?! Resting, gingerbread house making and more resting lol!

Wishing everyone out there positive baby making vibes!!


Mandee said...

I am glad you took time off to rest....I should have!!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Sad I have to go back to work tomorrow, but that only means three more days until another four day weekend! LOL

Unknown said...

Me and my wife have been following you guys for months now and I am just so excited to see good things! We are starting in feb and y'all have given us so much hope! Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs :)

Lexi + Sarah said...

Aw thanks ladies! I'm rooting for you two! You will grow even closer as a couple <3

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