Sunday, December 23, 2012


Still here! Hanging by a thread if ya ask me! These past couple of days have been super super busy. Have I mentioned I love doing a transfer during the holidays?! It sure takes your mind of everything that's for sure!

We have been baking our annual cookie plates and have delivered all of them. Was so nice to visit with neighbors and friends.

We also got the courage to go out in the holiday crowds and get some last minute gifts. What the heck were we thinking?! Well we got what we needed and ran our as soon as we could.

So we have five days until BETA. I'm praying hard those little embies stick. Stick babies stick! We love you so much already!

These last couple of days I have fallen more in love with my wife. Is this even possible?! I'm already so in love with her. She just knows how to make me smile and laugh. She is my strength. She is my rock. I feel so lucky to have her.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!


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