Saturday, March 16, 2013

Name Change

Yesterday was such an amazing day for me and our family! When we got married in 2009 I was just hired with my new job at the hospital and all my paperwork was being finalized that the thought of me changing my name would hold a stop to the process of me starting my job. Stupid thought and I regret it more and more each day that went by but I can't keep holding that grudge on myself. Anyways we knew that we wanted to change my name but with the cost of TTC it was out of the question. After finding out we were pregnant we knew the first step would be to change my name. In fact on December 31, 2012 we put in the paperwork to make this change and FINALLY yesterday at 8:45 AM my name change was official!!

I stood in front of the judge while I was sworn in and he said my old name to my new name and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I said "yes" and was dismissed. I got the paper in my hands with the certified copy that it was for sure official. Such an amazing piece of paper!

Right away we went to the social security office and DMV and changed my name immediately. Now I have the wonderful task to changed everything else! 

Now I feel like a cohesive family and once the baby is born we will start the adoption process for Sarah to adopt her. 

Life is going so well!


nurse BiBi said...

Aaagghh! This is so awesome! We have just started this process ourselves. It sucks that we have to jump through so many hoops for something that others can do no questions asked (and for free) But it will be so worth it :) Congrats!I know that has to be such a great feeling.

Lexi + Sarah said...

It's very annoying that we have to go through such a LONG process to get granted a name change!! It has taken a bit but well worth it! Good luck on your process!!

JustMe said...

Changing your name is a logistical nightmare. But congratulations on putting in the effort to do something so important for your family to be one. What a huge deal! So happy for you guys :)

Rachael said...


Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you!! Yes changing your name is a logistical nightmare! Well said JustMe!

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