Monday, May 27, 2013

Meeting with the Attorney

This past Friday we met with an LGBT attorney in San Francisco to go over the adoption process for my wife Sarah after the baby is born. It is very unfair that we have to go through something like this but we do. We live in California and have a registered domestic partnership which we have had since 2009. Since living in California with this domestic partnership Sarah will have all parental rights no problems, its all the other states outside of California that do not protect her unless they offer domestic partnership as well. We do not want anything to ever happen and I want Sarah to have these rights that everyone in the world should have.

We were super excited and nervous at the same time but there we were in the city holding hands on our way to the 14th floor to meet the attorney. She was soooo nice and for the entire hour she told us the in's and out's of each adoption and we asked our questions from our list we had written out together. After much talk and going through every scenario we decided on the type of adoption that best fit our needs and family and decided that she would be the attorney we would work with. She has over 20 plus years of experience with LGBT families and more important 10 years of LGBT adoption. We are very relieved that everything will be done with her and we won't have to worry about a thing except turning in the paperwork! Unfortunately, we can't start the full on process until after Harper is born but we felt a huge sense of relief that we are going in the right direction!

Baby Harper is doing great. She keeps moving more and more and her kicks are becoming more and more stronger. The other day we started playing music to my belly. She was having fun and kicking. It was the cutest thing ever!

Other than that life is going really well and things are going fast. We have officially 101 days until she shows up in our lives. We can't wait and as each day goes by we feel more and more blessed to be where we are at.

How far along? 25 weeks & 4 days
How big is baby? Eggplant still!
Total weight gain/loss: three pounds
Maternity Clothes: Maternity shirts/maternity pants
Have you started to show yet? a little pooch
Sleep: Better
Best moment this week: Still feeling her kick
Miss Anything? Hot dogs
Movement: Movement each and every day!
Food Cravings: Donuts
Anything make you queasy or sick? Not right now
Gender prediction: We already know its a GIRL!
Symptoms: Short fused 
Major purchases this week? baby shower items
Looking forward to: Feeling her kick more and more often


JustMe said...

Even though I'm sorry you guys have to jump through these extra hoops, I'm glad you found such a wonderful attorney to help you do it and all went well. Again, that is just one more step to making everything seem real and that much closer!

Unknown said...

o.m.g. is that a real album???? I I need this!! I LOVE Journey! Where can I find this???
Also, me and my wife are doing the same thing with lawyers except she doesn't even have parental rights since our marriage isn't legal here. It feels good to have someone fighting for you though and putting protections in place for you and your family.

rachael said...

I got a set of headphones and wrapped it around my belly and played Baby Mozart ;) It tended to calm Punky when she was kicking TOO much. When you get larger and the baby gets larger, sometimes, those kicks aren't any fun.

We talked to a lawyer before Punky was born and the process, whether or not it was approved by the courts would cost us over 3000 and it wasn't a guarantee the judge would grant the adoption. I am sorry you guys are having to go through these hoops. Maybe someday in the future, our families will be treated the same as everyone else.

Glad to hear the baby is doing well though!

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