Monday, October 22, 2012

My lovely orchid

Everything lately has just been blissful. Life is great...We have a wonderful life together. I simply couldn't imagine my life any other way. Plain and simple. This weekend we spent together going to the pumpkin patch and picking our annual carving pumpkins. We carved our pumpkins late Saturday evening and while they didn't come out as great as we wanted, LOL it was sure fun! This entire weekend brought visions in my head of what our future holds for us. I can't even began to tell you how excited I am to make memories and carving pumpkins with our kids. I know we will be the best parents we can possible be and that for me is priceless.

This afternoon as I was cooking dinner I was worried my lovely wife had gotten stranded or lost (kinda crazy to get lost in our town but possible, LOL). She then calls me and tells me to come outside. My heart fluttered and it reminded me of our first time we saw each other 8 years ago. I felt like a kid ready to jump on her. I went to her car door and she opened it and surprised me with a beautiful orchid flower. I cried like a big baby and gave her a big hug. I immediately brought it inside and made sure it was watered and placed it in our kitchen. I then remembered a Chinese acupuncturist telling me orchids are good for fertility. I think at the time it went through one ear and out the other but it tickled my knowledge. I then proceeded to research the meaning behind the orchid. This is what I found....

"Orchids have long been associated with fertility and virility. If you are trying to have a baby this could be a meaningful gift to your spouse. Or this could be a pretty and meaningful for someone who is trying to have a baby".

At first, I was like really!! I kept asking Sarah what made her buy me the orchid. She just said it looked beautiful like me. She always makes me heart melt, lol. Now every time I go into the kitchen and see this beautiful plant I will think of what lies ahead of us and the meaning behind the flower.

Till next time!


Mina said...

Beautiful post, just like the orchid!

Iydkmigthtky said...

Sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love orchids. Actually orchid is Latin or Greek (can't remember which) for testicles. That's fertility-ish.

ivfover40 said...

Ohhhh! You two! Such a wonderful couple!

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