Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just Awesome

This totally made me laugh out loud!! I so needed that laugh. I really feel like ever since we have been TTC everyone has been popping over pregnant....while we sit here and wait for our chance. I have no doubt in my mind that it will happen it the dreaded waiting part sucks. Everyone around me keeps talking about this upcoming IVF cycle. Frankly, I have really stepped out of the TTC box and have forgotten that in a matter of months we will be thrown at this full speed. Maybe, im trying to hide my emotions or maybe not think to much about it.

My boss the other day asked me how long I plan on being on maternity leave...I think shes freaking out. I simply stated that I need to get pregnant first then we can talk about maternity leave, lol. Everyone keeps telling me that they can feel it this time. She even said she didn't feel good about the first one. Ugh, I wish someone would have stopped us before we wasted our time and efforts. Oh well. no pity party over here, and then yesterday my very close co-worker Kathy told me she was going to throw us a baby shower. She explained that she cannot wait to spoil our children. I do know for a fact that our baby(s) will be showered in love and I frankly have no doubt in my mind that everything will work the way it is supposed to...again its just the waiting part that sucks.

The other day my coworker and I went to lunch. We ordered and sat down. I couldn't help but notice every baby or child in the place. Was it really that noticeable?! Yeah. Kathy even pointed it out that she notices when I see a child...she simply said I smile and then shrug. I love seeing children and frankly they are all around us. I love seeing babies wrapped in their blankets and looking so snugly and comfy. They are so precious. I can't wait to do all the things both Sarah and I have talked about for years. All the traditions we want to start. Our special memories. Our family.

My period should be coming soon and this only means I start getting ready for my wonderful saline ultrasound. I will this time not take the advice of Tylenol a couple hours before...maybe something stronger, LOL! This is my favorite time of year, honestly and I love that we are doing our IVF during this time!!

Till next time!


Aspgriswold said...

So excited that things are falling in to place and starting to get going!!! I'm so excited to cheer you on this cycle and rooting for you!!!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you!! We are pretty excited to get this going!!! Bring it! lol

Iydkmigthtky said...

Cheering you on as well!!

B/Expectingtobeexpecting said...

Love how positive you are- it IS just a matter of time :-)

Lexi + Sarah said...

Thank you so much. I know it will be a matter of time for both of us :)

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