Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well Hello There!

I thought that a great way to go through our journey together would be to write it out. It's nice being able to just let all your thoughts and emotions out on paper, or in this case a computer screen. Im going to try and keep this short and sweet but sometimes this can be a tad hard to do. Okay where do I began....

My name is Lexi and my wife's name is Sarah. We are going on 8 years of being together in June. Officially married on Decebmer 7th, 2009 (yes we got married on Pearl Harbor...I had to make the date easy for us to remember when were old...LOL, JK!) We live in our beautiful home with our three furry pets in Northern, California. I have a great job working at a hospital as an Infection Control Coordinator and Sarah is finishing up school for Court Reporting.

We decided in 2010, we wanted to start the journey of making a family. We decided that with our first try I (Lexi) would carry the baby and the next times we would use Sarah's eggs. We have always wanted kids no doubt about that, making sure it was the right time was crucial. After much talk and much saving we decided it was a go in 2011. We found a doctor in the East Bay, long story short after three failed IUI's we figured out that she was not "fit" for us. She was so money hungry and had me going in loops. One cycle I was on medications the next not. Nothing was ever stable and after the third one she was more worried about money than anything. We decided that after flushing that money down the drain and wasting sperm that we need to really sit down and think about what we were doing. After having countless blood work, exams and an HSG....everything came back normal. So the problem here with me but both of us being taken advantage
of  :(

After much talk we decided that our best route would be IVF. We figured that with every cost we spent doing IUI...$9,000 to be exact it would be smart to save up and go to the next step. While IVF is expensive it will all be worth it, just having the peace of mind that the chances of getting pregnant is higher and we know that the doctor we have chosen is certified and qualified and has been for 24 years.

So what have we been doing in the past year since we last stopped....well we decided to go full force with saving and we reached our goal for two IVF treatments but somehow our weight took the back seat. While we were working hard and saving I guess we thought it was okay to eat those five cookies and give into that second helping.

So here we are now ready to get our butts in gear and loose the weight we want to loose before we start our journey. We want to make sure we are in tip top shape going into IVF. So here we are 98 days until we meet with the doctor, and get the process going. My goal is to loose 35 pounds. Can I do this?! I have to think positive, so yes, I can!!

Wish me luck and to all that are on their journey of baby making, I'm blowing baby dust your way!


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