Friday, March 30, 2012

Thank goodness its.....

FRIDAY!!! Woohoo! One of my favorite days of the week, since we both have weekends off! We decided that tonight was going to be a "date" night. While we do have many of these it will be nice to go out and have fun. Not sure whats on the agenda quite yet, but just being together is pure bliss.

Last night I had another vivid dream about having a baby. I think as the time goes by its getting more and more "real". We just want to sleep until our IVF appointment and then wake up. But, we both think its a great expierence to go through together and it gives us enough time to get everything ready before our first treatment.

So not only do we have goals to slim down but goals to get the house ready. We are going to start with one project at a time. It will keep our minds on other things.

I have read many people whose insurance company does not cover IVF treatments....ours does not :( but now im wondering if they will cover some or all of the medications??? Curious enough I will be calling today so I can get a good head on what to expect with meds. Will update later on this.


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