Thursday, September 5, 2013

40 weeks!

Today is our official due date day!! YAY!! We officially made it to 40 weeks! Such a bittersweet moment. I remember when we first got pregnant I was deathly scared something would happen along the way of our pregnancy after all if seemed like all the stories we heard were sad. I remember holding my breath every time we had an ultrasound. It was one step closer to meeting our baby girl. After we hit the first trimester we both finally were able to breathe a sense of relief that everything was going well. For me I think around 24 weeks I finally felt comfortable that everything was going great and this pregnancy was rockin! 

As I sit here 40 weeks pregnant now we want this baby to come out!! This past week we have tried what seems to be everything under the sun to pop this baby out....outcome....nothing! It was a bunch of fun though!

So what did we try?!
  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Lavender oil bath with fresh lavender (Only thing that came out of this was I smelled like a lavender bush, LOL!)
  • Pineapple (boy, did the acid in all that pineapple make my tongue raw!)
  • bouncing on the exercise ball
  • dancing like a crazy fool to Michael Jackson!
  • Walking
  • Jumping up and down
  • Pedicure 
So, while it was fun to try out all of these ways on trying to induce labor naturally, we have come to the conclusion that baby girl has her own agenda!

All I know is we are waiting her anxiously! Especially her mommies! Even our dog Jake wants to know her arrival is!

Other than waiting I have been dealing with some constant hip pain. So bad I can't seem to sleep or get comfortable at all doing anything. I have tried heating pads, stretching and propping my hip with a pillow. I am so desperate that I am going today to get an adjustment/hip massage in hopes of alleviating this pain! Any recommendations from anyone?! I am desperate!

Till next time!


katy said...

Dang I was hoping a baby post was going to be your next post...but I'm happy she cooked all the way to full term!
Have you tryed sleeping sitting up, maybe in a recliner or or on the couch? It may help your hip and back to be in a different position all night.

Unknown said...

Come on Harper! Hope that hip pain is labor pain in disguise ;)

JustMe said...

You made it!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to keep following your posts in suspense to see when she makes her arrival.

How about a 40 week bump pic?

Rachael said...

Can't wait to see little Harper when she arrives!

non-fat-caramel-does-lesbian-baby-making said...

Really hope baby shows up soon- - have been watching the blog for updates. Can't wait to read he next one!

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