Monday, June 11, 2012

My birthday wish

Today I woke up right at 6 AM and laid in bed before I bolted off to get ready for our busy morning! I was reflecting on my life. Today is my birthday. I wanted to reminse on all the memories I have from when I was little to now. I feel so blessed to be where I am at in my life. I would not take back anything. I have zero regrets. God has given me a wonderful life and I thank him each and everyday for the life I live. I met the love of my life and we have had the most wonderful eight years of our lives. I have a great job and a wife who is as equally as determined as I am and our most exciting journey yet....our baby making journey. While it has not been the easiest at times I can't imagine any other person to go through the ups and downs with than Sarah. We are nearing the end of our IVF journey and it has been the most amazing experience ever. Sometimes I can't even put into words. After reminising we had to get ready for our 8:45 appointment with our doctor.

We arrived and they took my blood work and soon followed by an another ultrasound. This ultrasound was a tad more painful due to the growth of my eggs in my ovaries. Good news is that they are still growing! On my right ovary all of the follicles are all 13mm and on my left between 11-13mm. So today I start my ganirelix at 3PM. I have to do it at work...yikes! Where is my Sarah? I will either have to get the courage to do it myself or have my boss do it!

I will be on the ganirelix today and tomorrow night with only onre more day of injectables. I go back in on Wednesday and most likely trigger on Wednesday night with a retrieval date of Friday June 15th!!

Yay!!! This process is unfolding quicker and quicker!

Till next time!

P.S. my estradiol came back at 1640! My ovaries are doing what they are supposed to be doing!


non-fat-caramel-does-lesbian-baby-making said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday my fellow new Gemini friend!

Lots and lots of luck for egg collection in the 15th - here's to lots of lovely eggs! :-)

Ryann said...

I never had blood work during my IVF, I wonder if that would have made a difference.
Anyway I am so excited that you are getting this close!! You will start to feel more bloated as the days get closer, but as long as you remember those are your little eggs growing away, you'll be fine.
I'll be praying for you both every step of the way!

Lexi + Sarah said...

Ryann, it's crazy how bloated you get on the day we triggered I was miserable then the next day I was fine. They forgot to tell me the Lupron trigger causes quiet ovaries! Everything went well at egg retrieval. I'm in pain now don't know how you did it awake! You are brave!

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